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Do you ever wonder what the ideal location for the temporary construction fence for your new job site is? Although any layout would probably get the job done, here are some helpful tips that could save you time, space and money. First and foremost, do you know what your property boundaries are? A[read more]

Temporary fencing is a rental item. Unlike permanent fencing, it is the responsibility of the entity that rented the fence to maintain it. Below are some helpful tips for maintaining your temporary fence.   • This time of year, where weeds are growing up around and through the chain lin[read more]

Finally...  Spring has sprung in Sioux Falls, SD and the construction season has begun! In the past, temporary construction fence has been left-over galvanized chain link fence.  As of the last few years, temporary jobsite or construction fences and gates have changed.  For instance, many tem[read more]

It is construction season!  American Fence Rental is ready to meet your immediate site security needs.  We have over five thousand temporary fence panels in inventory.  The equates to over thirteen miles of temporary site security fence!   Standing ready are over forty installation crews ready [read more]

New PalmSHIELD Casino Panel

Introducing PalmSHIELD's New Casino Panels Looking for a more contemporary design? PalmSHIELD’s new Casino panels provides a real eye-catching appeal. When architects and designers are looking for that really unique design that may be the focal point; the Casino design is perfect for enclosing [read more]

Built on Reputation

American Fence Company specializes in fencing, fence installation and fencing supplies. AFC is one of the most popular fence contractors in the Midwest, so projects like this are not uncommon. Our workmanship can be found all over the US, including in the heart of Yellowstone and the base of the Gra[read more]

Custom metal fabrication through American Fence Sioux Falls

Did you know that America’s Fence Store is one of the largest custom metals fabricators in the Midwest?  With eight certified welders and over ten thousand square feet of fabrication area, they are capable of fabricating custom railings, gates and fencing.  With a full complement of fabrication [read more]

Bar Grating Panels

PalmSHIELD now offers an additional type of security fencing. Their bar grating panels are made of aluminum and offer superior ventilation and visibility. Bar grating panels consist of metal bars that run parallel to each other and crossbars that run perpendicular for stability. PalmSHIELD’s ba[read more]