Custom metal fabrication through American Fence Sioux Falls

Did you know that America’s Fence Store is one of the largest custom metals fabricators in the Midwest?  With eight certified welders and over ten thousand square feet of fabrication area, they are capable of fabricating custom railings, gates and fencing.  With a full complement of fabrication equipment, they have completed some amazing projects that include a single 120’ swing gate to high security equipment for the nuclear power industry.  America’s Fence Store has a history of incorporating a wide array of materials into their work that include steel, copper, stainless steel and aluminum.  With a five thousand square foot paint booth, they will finish your project with a top notch coating.  The gate shown incorporates not only a beautiful estate top and sun ray infill but also a copper accent band on the bottom.  The copper was milled to create a lap joint at each piece to maintain continuity, brushed to give it a unique finish and then sealed with a high end coating.  There are a very limited number of fabrication shops that could accomplish this level of artistry.  America’s Fence Store is one of those special custom metals fabricators.

American Fence Sioux Falls brings your visions to reality with custom metal work. Be sure to contact a local sales rep at American Fence.

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